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Cracurjac Pte Ltd, our subsidiary company, is a design and advertising agency dedicated to superior quality graphic design, web design, advertising, marketing and branding. If you required creative artwork for flyers, brochures, banner, magazine, newspaper or website, please come to us. Our experienced and talented design team has earned a good reputation among peers. We are here to make it happened!

How does it work?
Just leave the design job to our team of designers by informing them the size, spot colour, material require, the message to put across, deadline and target audience if possible. They are able to turn it into a piece of effective communication by formulating the correct message using the appropriate advertising tone. Needless to say their expertise will allow them to assist you on the most appropriate type of advertisement and distribution channel to achieve tip top results.

What else I need to know?
Creative advertising can have dramatic effects on a new product launching if it is well planned and rolled out appropriately. It would help a smaller share company to boost brand identity in order to compete with the larger share company with more dominant brand or even resurrect a dying brand.

How can I learn more?
Q : How much do you charge?
A : Fees are charged at per artwork basis. However, if you book in multiple artworks within 6 months, you will be entitled for discounted fees.

Q : What are your operation hours?
A : Our operation hours are from 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday.

Q : How long does it take to complete an artwork?
A : This will depend on the size and the content of the artwork. Normal artworks can be done within hours.

Q : How about the changes to my finished artwork?
A : Minor changes or alteration of wordings on the artwork can be done promptly with no additional cost.

Q : Are there any restrictions regarding the content, size and format of my artwork?
A : All artworks' contents must adhere to the publisher's guidelines. As for the size and artwork format, we will try to meet all of your needs.

Q : Do you provide print services, flyers distribution services and etc?
A : Yes, we are able to provide a complete project from design, printing to distribution.

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