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Rach Call Centre is a well established inbound/outbound call center founded in 2003. We specialized in Telemarketing Outsourcing and providing round the clock support and services to our clients. We provide high quality Customer Service Officer to carry out telemarketing activities professionally.

How does it work?
By paying a fixed sum of money every month and in turn we will represent your business, help you to handle all the telemarketing activities hassle free. Thus, allowing you to concentrate, cost effectively, on your core business. All our workstations are fully integrated and internet enabled allowing your company to enjoy the greatest benefits out of the information technology world.

What else I need to know?
Our call center is equipped with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and predictive dialing solutions. Thus, make automated call back system possible.

How can I learn more?
Q : How much do you charge?
A : Competitive pricing, depends upon the complexity and the duration of the project. Attractive discount will be given if you engage the service for a longer duration.

Q : Do I need to pay any startup cost?
A : Normally we will impose a very low one time startup cost but again this will depend on the complexity of the project.

Q : Can we pay you commission based instead of monthly charges?
A : Yes, you may if it is a outbound project where the performance is measured by unit sales.

Q : How many seats do Rach Call Centre have?
A : Currently we have 20 seats and are able to scale up to 50 seats if required.

Q: what are your operation hours?
A : We operate 24 hours daily for 365 days.

Q : How much time will it take to launch a project?
A : We are able to implement a project within days depend on the complexity of the project.

Q : Do we need to conduct training to your CSO?
A : You just need to perform initial work flow process and products training. Our call center manager will conduct in house training periodically to ensure quality control.
All CSO must complete rigorous training prior the project commencement.

Q : Can your CSO handle voicemail, emails or other web-based services?
A : Yes, we can handle most of the web-based services from any of the workstation with User ID and password.

Q : How safe is our information with Rach Call Centre?
A : We will never sell, disseminate nor disclose any confidential information to third party without your written consent.

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