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Rach Pte Ltd has its very own SMS gateway and is directly linked to all three telecommunication companies in Singapore via private networks and megapop connections. Our special relationship with the telcos has given us the capability of Short Code SMS. Instead of a 8-digit mobile phone number appearing as the sender's number, the receiver would see an easy-to-remember 5-digit number. Besides this, we are also able to make use of the TPOA facility- masking of originating address with a sender's name.
Example of a TPOA: a name will appear instead of a phone number on the sender's section on your mobile phone.

How does it work?
We do SMS broadcasting, which means we send customizable SMS to potential customers. In this new age of advertising, reaching out to individuals is definitely a more efficient way. With targeted age group/ interests gathered through our services' database, your messages will definitely reach out to the masses.
Hosting SMS contest is also possible with our technology. Charging customers for each sms depending on the amount that is set by our clients.
For example Users can send their application sms with a followed by < NRIC > < message > to a short code (optional). And the SMS will be charged accordingly.

What else I need to know?
Our system is capable of capturing almost anything that an SMS allows.

Uses of SMS
SMS Marketing -
Several reputable companies in the world is using mobile marketing to inform its customers about upcoming promotions. Mobile coupons could also be implemented, whereby users present their SMS and enjoy special discounts or privileges.

SMS Information -
Subscribers can request for information via SMS. A huge success in overseas is the 'Diet Plan' introduced by Men's Health magazine. Readers can subscribe to Men's Health diet plans, Men's Health professional dietician will then SMS them according to their preference, weight and etc. the recommended food intakes for each meal.

SMS Voting/Blogging -
Many SMS voting and TV blogging features are added into TV shows, and this further reinstates that "People like to be heard of their opinions!" We have local and overseas media using SMS voting/blogging to great successes.
E.g.: American Idol, Singapore Idol.

SMS Alerts -
With workers/employees becoming increasingly mobile, requirements for similar mobile tools have also surged. Besides PDAs, SMS alerts have also been implemented for many sales companies. A few key applications already put to use:
1. Alerting mobile technicians to system errors
2. Alerting mobile execs to urgent voice messages
3. Confirming with mobile sales personnel that a faxed order was received
4. Informing travelers of delays and changes
5. Keeping stock traders up to date on urgent stock activity

SMS Contest -
Users are encouraged to SMS in their answers for Trivia Questions set and prizes are won if answers are correct. Chocolate manufacturer, Cadbury and Pepsi launched continental promotions for users to SMS in answers to questions tagged to its packages. SMS Contest is also rampant locally, with many local media publishers encouraging its readers to sms in views, thoughts and even news.

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