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What is Ring Me?
Ring Me is a Premium Rate Service that allow you, to charge incoming callers by choosing either one of the charge rate from our option menu. The fee is charged to the caller's phone bill by their respective phone operator. The service can be created by anyone who can offer expertise in a particular area, and charge their callers a consultancy fee.

How does it work?
To create your own service line, you can start by making a call to the Ring Me member's area. There will be voice prompt that will be simple and easy to follow. Follow the voice prompts and configure your charge rate, answering phone number etc.

So when somebody calls you through Ring Me Premium Rate Service...

So when someone makes a call to your service line and the call time is exceeds 30 seconds. The charge rate will start to apply after the caller has been connected to the service more than 30 seconds. Payment will be sent to you after your account have hit SGD $100. In order to receive payment you will need to have a Pay-Pal account ready. Pay-Pal accounts can be applied for free.

We will have a total of 10 Premium Rate Services ready for you.
Premium Rate Service NumbersCharge/ Minute
1900 911 10990.99
1900 911 11991.99
1900 911 12992.99
1900 911 13993.99
1900 911 14994.99
1900 911 15995.99
1900 911 16996.99
1900 911 17997.99
1900 911 18998.99
1900 911 19999.99

What else I need to know?
Ring Me can only charge callers who are using a Singapore registered phone with caller id display. For callers who don't have caller id display, the call system will advice them to call again after they have enabled their caller id display. According to the workings of Singapore mobile service providers, pre-paid callers will not be allowed to call the Premium Rate Service.

How can I learn more?
Coming Soon...

I have a some feedback.
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